Ludvig Rasmusson åker gärna och ofta till Paris men här är han fångad i Bryssel. Foto: Owe Ivarsson.

Ludvig Rasmusson åker gärna och ofta till Paris men här är han fångad i Bryssel. Foto: Owe Ivarsson.

Learning from Europe - Portraits of returning Swedes

Publicerat 14 Jun, 2007

During 2005 slightly more than 65 000 persons came to Sweden. The largest group was made up of some 14 000 Swedes returning home. The personal portraits depicted by the journalist and author, Ludvig Rasmusson, and the photographer, Ulla Montan in a new book. Foreword by Margot Wallström, Vice President of the European Commission.

The book Learning from Europe - Portraits of returning Swedes, shows us how Sweden deals with the experiences gained in other countries. The book is an eye-opener and poses the challenge of how to make better use of the professional competence gained by Swedes who have been working in other countries.

Doing this would allow us to counteract discrimination and more successfully exploit the ideas, professional expertise as well as strengthen the social involvement of people born in other countries.

This challenge deals not just with validating individual competence portfolios or creating effective "homecoming" programmes. Just as important is to deepen our understanding of the importance of language, different cultural values, the hidden rule systems in daily tasks and how we can learn more about Swedish society through observing it from the outside.

Travelling abroad, returning home and possibly going abroad once again, also involves how together we can build our European future, perhaps as a further step towards a knowledge society without any boundaries. But, we should not forget the best interests of our children when we move around with greater freedom on the European competence map.

This book is published with funding from the Equal Initiative in the European Social Fund.

Download or order the book from:, telephone +46 8-690 95 69

  Owe Ivarsson

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